Think second-hand first!

  1. The average amount of water it takes to produce the cotton in ONE pair of jeans is 1,800 gallons. After being sold to the consumer, the pair of jeans will use another 925 gallons of water just to be washed once a week for two years.Try to buy rescued whenever possible- it’s much better for the environment.
  2. When it comes to denim, wash inside out with the coldest water possible. This will help prevent fading. Also, don’t waste time with jeans at the dry cleaners; the chemicals are harmful long term.
  3. Think rescued first, but if you purchase a brand-new shirt consider it's resale value.
  4. Putting together an entire look or two or three-on a budget? When it comes to resale, the quantity verses expense is unreal! Imagine all the layered looks you can rock on a “dime compared to a dollar…”
  5. Keep your personal style in mind. Your fashion should express your personality.
  6. Mend, not end! Do those repairs: stitch the hem, sew on a button, cut off the sleeves, destroy a plain tee – making it your own makes it unique. To customize your rescued clothing is to express the individuality in you.
  7. Do a closet audit! Think about the last time you wore that shirt. Haven’t worn it yet? How long have the tags been on that jacket? Hot trends tend to drive our impulsive buys.
  8. Try it on, check it out, then decide if it stays or goes. Do you need to keep five pairs jeans that fit better five years ago? Nah.
  9. Buy it today! Resale defines “now or never.” If you’re thinking about coming back for it tomorrow, the person who had the same idea was shopping here yesterday.
  10. New to the rescued game? Start with staples – pieces you wear all the time.
  11. Have FUN! Treasure hunting is part of the thrill of thrift.
  12. Not every fashion risk has to be a financial one – shopping like-new will help comfort your worries as well as your wallet if you are accustomed to frequently changing your style.  Buying like-new makes swapping what you currently have with what you actually want easy and affordable
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