As a for-profit, locally owned, small business, the question of “who benefits” from us is often asked. Through relationships, our caring community, and hard work, we have successfully made a difference in the lives of others.
To start, we want to thank everyone who has shopped our special give back sale – Buy One Give One: for every coat purchased, we donate another.
With your help, this season we have donated over 400 (and counting!) jackets and coats to those in need. In addition too, we have specifically donated children’s clothing and every day wear for youth and adults to a local shelter focusing on “the economically disadvantaged achieve economic independence, self-sufficiency and a path out of poverty”. The photos below capture part of the impact we have made.

Click here or see our next post for more information on Kingdom House.


“The Shirt Off My Back” is a program we started to help the survivors of human trafficking in St. Louis. Often times when victims are rescued, what they’re wearing is all they have. Through partnering with Healing action, we help each individual by covering the cost of a new wardrobe from our store, discreetly. Healing Action (click here for info) is “committed to combating commercial sexual exploitation through a multi-system approach of creating awareness by sharing our experience/strength/hope with others, advocacy with/on behalf of survivors for programs and services needed to empower them, and healing action to create spaces where all can thrive.”
Click here for more information on this empowering organization.

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