It’s time to #BYOB – #BringYourOwnBag!
As a second hand clothing store, we embody a green alternative to fast fashion and textile waste. Now, we’re stepping it up even further.

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It is predicted that in 2050, the amount of plastic in the ocean will outnumber the fish. Single use plastic bags will account for the majority of ocean pollution – and they’re responsible for the deaths of over 10,000 marine animals/fish every year.

We’re all responsible, but we all can take a stand.

The average American family takes home 1,500 plastic bags annually, but only 1% are actually recycled…that means 1,485 bags PER HOUSEHOLD are ending up in landfills every year. The lifespan of a plastic bag – from when it’s initially filled with groceries at the grocery store to when it is discarded – averages around 12 minutes. Compare this with estimates that those same plastic bags take anywhere from 10 to 1,000 years to decompose…This is a BIG problem, but if we each do a little, we can manifest a greener world.

How you can help:
1. BRING YOUR OWN BAG!! The best way to stop the production of new plastic is to stop the demand. If you forget yours, most shopping offer a reusable tote at check out…and most totes last 5-10 YEARS!
2. DON’T RECYCLE GROCERY BAGS IN YOUR HOME RECYCLE BIN WITHOUT CONTACTING YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD WASTE MANAGEMENT PROVIDER! Most plastic bags cannot be recycled with other common household plastics. However, more than 18,000 locations across the country – such as grocery stores, Walmart, Target, etc. – provide collection bins for these plastic bags/wraps/film.
3. SPREAD AWARENESS! Let your neighbors, family, shopping centers, and government know that you no longer want to be a part of the #PlasticProblem. Encourage and support #SingleUsePlasticTax and more plastic bag recycling bins across your town. There are already 350 cities, counties, and states that have banned/taxed/prevented single use plastics. WE COULD BE NEXT💚

What this means for you as customer:
Starting January 1st, although we encourage you to bring your own bag, we will have reusable grocery-style totes available for just $2.00, with a rewarding incentive:
Every time you reuse our bag in store, we’ll take $.25 off your total. (shop with us just 8 times and you’ve paid yourself back!)
Due to the nature of large orders, particularly at our North County location, we will still have large plastic bags available upon request for $1.00.
All proceeds from bag sales will be donated to the Missouri Recycling Association, an organization focused on waste diversion, environmental sustainability, and recycling initiatives.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we’re trying to change the world. We believe that together, we can.

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