Let’s face it: not all vintage arrives to us in perfect shape!
Between the natural deteriorate of old linens, improper storage, less than adequate cleaning…by the time a garment reaches us-especially vintage-it can often be in less than favorable condition.
Often times, these items are overlooked by traditional thrift stores/sellers, only seen as their current state, and thrown to discard therefore adding to the landfill. All it takes is the right person with a creative vision to manifest these previously “rag worthy” pieces into magnificent treasures!

With sustainability and re-use topping our company moral and vocabulary, we’ve decided to intervene, and create a line of one-of-a-kind reworked/restored garments available in-store.

Whether it’s cleaning and steaming, adding a zipper or fixing a seam, cropping an old tee to completely creating something new, we’ve created the label Retro Rehab to highlight the pieces in our store that have been transformed from waste to good taste.
(Look for our pink labels in store!)

Check out some of the other highlights on our website and Instagram for some up-cycled creations by your favorite staff members!

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