About Us

We began in Hazelwood, February of 2016, as a mass-quantity like-new clothing outlet entirely sold by weight, in a warehouse setting.

Without consignments or donation, we’ve established inventory containing THOUSANDS of items for men, women, and some children. So where does out supply come from? We rescue “packs” of clothing across the United States in quantities of hundreds of pounds. Hence,

Found by the Pound

With a year of knowledge in the recycled clothing industry, the boutique-vibe we envisioned came to anchor the south end of Grand Boulevard April, 2017.

Inspired by our city’s diversity, our team continues to sort thousands of pounds of clothing to match the hip, funky, bohemian vibe of South St. Louis City.

Priced per piece, Found By The Pound South Grand offers you the retro and vintage apparel you’ve been dreaming of.

Our North County Location on the other hand is more mainstream, plus sized, every day wear with a surplus of hunting, work-wear, and military apparel uniquely sold by weight in a remarkable factory

Think "treasure hunting an industrial atmosphere."

With two locations each a destination of their own, we fully embraced the different aspects of resale and encourage you to explore both!

Did you know we are 100% recycled? Any article deemed “un-sell-able” is sorted by material, transformed into rag, and sold all over the Midwest by one of our sister companies Riverbend Textiles.

Thank you for supporting a local and growing business!